Do-It-Yourself Aromatherapy Product Making

Why we DIY

Our mission. Kitchen Cosmetics was created to guide, teach and empower you to make your own body and skincare products using as many safe and natural raw ingredients as possible.
Our credentials. We were founded by multi-qualified Naturopath Dr Sandi Nye with over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare, aromatherapy and formulating fields. Having formulated internationally successful product brands for companies, Sandi believes in paying it forward. Through her endeavours to debunk the myths and mystery behind simple cosmetic product formulating, and with the assistance of the Kitchen Cosmetics team, the doors of home-crafted natural product making is finally open to you, and beckon you in.
Our quest. We delight in helping people explore the alchemy of taking natural vegetable oils, butters, essential oils and a few other simple and accessible ingredients to create healthy and affordable cosmetic and toiletry products for themselves and their loved ones, either with our DIY kits or our in-class artisanal workshops.

Why you should DIY

Do it yourself and save. Product making is not only fun and creative, but it can save you a pile of hard-earned cash. Doing it your way helps to reduce the expensive retailer mark ups on natural products that often puts them out of the reach of regular folk. DIY allows you to make your own top quality products using the ingredients and tools you either already have in your kitchen, or can easily access.
We’ve done the hard work for you. The pre-selected ingredients in our DIY kits, compiled by experienced experts, as well as other raw materials available for your creative endeavours, provide affordable prices for top quality ingredients. Our bulk-buys allow us to pass the savings on to you.
Kits. We have formulated beginner DIY kits that are so user-friendly that even a child could use them (and children do!). Plus, we provide it all in easy-to-use packages so that you can have the fun of creation, without the slog of sourcing raw materials and recipes.
What you put onto your skin can go into your body. Finally, we are passionate about creating awareness about the substances people put on the body, and why it is important to use ingredients that help rather than hinder wellbeing. We aim to inspire everyone to customise their body products to suit their unique needs and preferences, or to create own-product ranges by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills through our wide range of DIY Workshops, consequently creating new business opportunities.